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[VEHICLE] Hauler Custom XL (for Singleplayer)

  • (This request is only meant for offline use)
    Goodday to all,

    I was thinking of something silly, and wonderd if someone was willing to create /alter this.

    alt text
    Or the original chassis stretched the same length as the Phantom.

    And maybe if someone wants to, take off the top part of the roof (A flat roof like the Peterbilt 352)

    Friendly greetings.

  • It does look like a 352, which would be awesome for the modded trucks in GTA 5. If only there was some way to take off the black mesh-like bar on the front of this hauler... :thinking:

  • Though it is a pretty nice idea to have a Peterbilt 352 roaming around, my idea was to keep the Goliath part(s) and to be more like a Peterbilt 352 with a longwheelbase (Kind of like these two combined)
    alt text
    alt text

    Another reason for this idea is in singleplayer after spawning both the Hauler custom and large trailer while connecting them there is an issue, the space between the cab and the fifth-wheel coupling is too small, so disconnecting the trailer is quite impossible. I could not do it at least.

  • Is there anyone who can create/extend the hauler custom chassis?

    I would have done it myself, but i have no clue when it comes to modding/3d model making.

  • Anyone? It would be appreciated.

    All i could do is the MS Paint job in the first post :( .

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