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Site suggestions

  • @DevinKan said in Site suggestions:

    @rappo Suggestions:

    1. An option to add a quick description of yourself on your profile
    2. An option to add a banner on your profile page (like LCPDFR.com)
    3. The ability to delete mods you uploaded.
    4. A small segment on your profile and on your comments showing when you joined 5-mods and when you were last seen (logged in)

    #1, #2 and #4 are available on the forums already. #1 and #2 will probably stay only on the forums. #4 is something I could add to the main site pretty easily, will look into it. #3 probably won't happen - just report the file or send me an @rappo comment to remove a file you want deleted.


    @rappo great please what about the chat messaging in site like we have in forum it useful idea

  • @Faysal Probably not anytime soon, but I would like to get the notifications to be global so you can see chat messages on the main site too


    @rappo thaaanks :100:


    @rappo What you said is something I wanted to tell you long time ago, but I forgot it XD Glad you thought on it ;)

  • @rappo Here's something I've seen in other modding/gaming sites.
    A ranking/achievement system. It should be displayed everywhere near your username like the "Admin" near your profile. Here are some suggestions.
    Rookie - for those who just joined and downloaded less than 10 mods
    Modder - for those who uploaded their first mod
    Ace modder - uploaded more than 10 mods/has a mod with more than 1000 downloads
    Elite modder - has a mod which has more than 20,000 downloads
    5mods true fan - download more than 500/1000 mods
    and so on. I don't know whether this is your thing or not, but it should be a little self esteem boost for new modders and it's nice to have a little competition so the modders will do their best to improve/maintain their rank and the quality of their mods which is good for the daily users and for the 5mods site itself. 😃😃😃

  • @Akila_Reigns I feel like something like that could lead to a lot of spamming.

  • @GTATerminal yeah you may be right.

  • @GTATerminal OK I understand what you say. So how about the ability to place a video in the place where the main screenshot of a mod should be? And making notifications "global" or whatever so we don't have to jump between the mods and forums sections to see who mentioned us?

  • @Akila_Reigns That should be more directed to @rappo. I was just giving my two cents on the ranks :p

  • @Akila_Reigns Main videos and global notifications are both things I want to do :slight_smile: The ranking system is a good idea, I can try to think of some ways to do it that won't support spamming. Thanks for the suggestions.

  • I'm not sure how the system works on the backend, but is it possible to receive notifications when a mod I've liked or rated is updated? It'd give me more incentive to come back and rate mods and it's just a nice little quality of life thing.

  • @TheAdmiester it already does. you have to follow updates. click on. follow update icon, looks like a loudspeaker .

  • @FoxtrotDelta Huh, didn't know that, thanks.

  • @TheAdmiester no problem.

  • @OmegaKingMods Poll could be really interesting, like what features would you like to see in next update with choices A, B, C, D, Add more button

  • @Konijima Or like a car modder (Vans123 , VIP GROUP , Etc.) could make a poll and ask what vehicle he has to make like :

    What car should I make ?
    a) Ferrari Enzo
    b) Lamborghini Miura
    c) Porsche 918
    d) Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

  • @MrTuning2001 said in Site suggestions:

    @Konijima Or like a car modder (Vans123 , VIP GROUP , Etc.) could make a poll and ask what vehicle he has to make

    Exactly what I was thinking.

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