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Is it possible to build an interior yourself?

  • When I was playing MTA:SA a few years ago there was a thing in the server where players can purchase an apartment and build an interior themselves. In GTA 5 I see a lot of houses which has nice exterior and nice location but unfortunately without an interior. For example, those houses at Nikola Place. I feel like it would be good if there's a tool which lets player to put floors, walls and furnitures and eventually come up with their own favourite interior. But do such tools exists? If there is, what tool is it and how to use it? And most importantly, is it possible to build an interior by yourself in game?

  • @FinnMcMissile two way
    Build your interior/exterior with map editor/menyoo spawner
    Or you can create a model with 3ds gims or Zmodeler and add the custom prop ( it require more knowledge)

  • @Shaezbreizh Yep just found it out today, I can build it using this mod called map builder, thing is most of the stuff are blocks, so if I want to find a random house and build an interior inside it would be impossible... Is there anyway that I can readjust the wall size or something?

  • @FinnMcMissile well, no except if you're modeler, take a look to other map mod house so you see how they do, also i've added few wall in my v3 custom prop mod and will may add more if ever i update it one day xd
    The best way is still to be modeler, but require few day of learning in order to know how it work.

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