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Private Vehicles/Mods....

  • I personally don't see the point of [PRIVATE] vehicles on the Releases/Works In Progress category.
    This website is for sharing and showcasing mods, as well the fact the Releases/Works In Progress category implies it's going to be released. Look on comments of "[PRIVATE]" listed vehicles/mods - all there is is "please release" etc.
    And then people say- "What's the point if it's private?"
    Then the author replies etc, and it gets into a heated arguement...



    belonging to or for the use of one particular person or group of people only.

    I'm not taking a jab at anyone, just saying that I think a large amount of the community doesn't like the [PRIVATE] vehicles part.

    Yeah, I get showcasing your work, but, like, this is a site for sharing them.

    Ok so yeah, let the controversy begin!

    P.S - I made another forum post on this earlier but didn't really get to the point, now this is the full thing. That can be locked/deleted etc..

  • This is a duplicate thread. Keep discussion to the other one, then you'll get an answer to the question you want.

    I'm no moderator here, but I can tell you that it's highly unlikely there will ever be a section for private/paid mods here.

  • @Kiryu Why is no one understanding. This isn't about that! I'm just gonna delete that.

  • @ethannn_ You literally said "let the controversy begin"

    If that doesn't sound like inciting forum drama, I don't know what does.

  • @Kiryu Right, deleted. Hopefully people will understand now. :/

  • @Kiryu Cool.... Said that because many authors of these "[PRIVATE]" mod owners get very annoyed when someone says things like "what's the point of it if it's private? Why post this on Releases/Works In Progress?"

  • Easy way to resolve that...

    If people on this site act like dicks when asked to make their stuff public and decide to bully people into taking back their request for their private mods to be public, simply report them or ask for a moderator to arbitrate/solve what's going on.

  • @Kiryu Hmm. True. Just want the [PRIVATE] stuff blocked. Check the latest private mods..

  • I suppose the most the mods on this site can do is to block the users who act like dicks and delete [PRIVATE] posts.

  • @Kiryu Yeah that's the goal :)

  • I for one find private mods very frustrating, especially when they're paraded around on YouTube videos like they're going to be made public. There's some really cool train mods that have been made for the game like the Union Pacific Big Boy, but they're all private, and are used mostly by whoever has them to just show off :/

    It's all well and good having paid or donation mods through Patreon, but when you make a mod to show it off and then pretend you're going to release it but never do, that's just cruel.

  • @Kiryu Exactly! Yes! Why show them off, I don't mind yt as much, but this site. Why? You're not going to release, and the forum thread is for releasing, and then people say "not for release"

    Not understanding the logic there.^

  • @ethannn_ Yep, definitely. The Releases and Works in Progress board is called that for a reason, it's for stuff which is going to be released, no matter how long it would take. If these people really have to show off their private mods, they should do it in the screenshot/videos sections, or not at all.

  • Can someone remind me why the whole so called 'community' denied paid mods on Steam Workshop?
    Aren't Patreon and other shitty pay2subscribe websites just the same thing but even worse in the end?

  • @ethannn_ if u or anyone sees inappropriate or otherwise private paid mods being showcased or advertised in a megative way or private mods hosted on our website u can always use report feature and moderation staff or admins will take care of it swiftly . no worries.

    A few examples would be better if there any currently. It doesnt have to be public, u can msg me or admins or any moderator in private chat or discord messages

  • @winject With Patreon you have the choice on how you want the stuff people pay for to be distributed - You can make them public or private if you so wish. Patreon mostly serves as the way for people to pay to commission someone to make something for them, as well as getting a little bit extra from the people they pledge to - Sometimes, this can be as simple as just getting the content said creator is going to release before other people, as a way to say thanks for supporting them

    It's not that much different to donating through Paypal, etc. -
    For example, when I donated to @FoxtrotDelta for a B-47 Mod to be made, everyone will get that mod too, even though I paid for it to be created. The people who donate for the mod to be made tend to receive the mod just before everyone else does.

  • @Kiryu sometimes there are private mods he is talking about them i think. Bit those private mods never get uplpaded to public sites unless ofcourse author decides otherwise. Also moderators reject stolen or private mods uploaded to our website kn daily basis which dont have permission for upload . some people get the private mods and well after sometime upload them without permission from thr mod creator. In those cases mod creator contacts the moderation team and we take down the mods which dont follow guidelines.

    Permission of author is very important and so is keeping the mods free for everyone.

    On a side note @Kiryu the people who donate to me and have me make a private vip mod for them depending on the initial contract they have option to keep the mod private, only to themselves, upload it under their own name if they want to after taking permission from me .

    Or they can have me (creator) upload the mod to public . totally depends on the initial contract made with the author before donations are accept ed by me. Anyways patreon or facebook. Private mods are private and they have no place on this website, advertisement or otherwise.

    Please report to moderation if u see any one braking guidelines of the comminity. Mods on our website are totally free and thata how it has been and will always be.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Said it much better than I ever could! ;)

    But yeah, @ethannn_, in future, if someone's being a jerk and is blatantly doing stuff to irritate or enrage other users, leave it to the mods to sort it out.

  • @FoxtrotDelta The following is such a case. The thread has already been closed though.

  • @Cyron43 yep from six days ago and it was locked by a moderator six days ago :) may he we should remove it altogether.

  • @FoxtrotDelta said in Private Vehicles/Mods....:

    @Cyron43 yep from six days ago and it was locked by a moderator six days ago :) may he we should remove it altogether.

    Well I am no staff member. I have no say in this but if you ask me, go ahead. Remove it. :slight_smile:

  • @Cyron43 im no staff member on the forums either :P moderation team will look into it i have reported it,

    I had less time for computer during my day so i left moderation . but i still do mod approvals etc on the main site. To helpout whenever i can.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Oh I haven't recognized you're no moderator anymore. :o

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