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ENB only not working.

  • I recently put the enb only that came with nvr for gta v, but when i press shift f12 or whatever the button was it didnt work. And before some says dont pirate the game i didn't. I have the game downloaded digitally through the social club thing so its legit.

    Anyone else have this problem? not getting the enb to work for nvr?

  • NaturalVision ✪ Remastered comes with an ENBSeries preset, not a full install (like it should! Good work adhering to Boris' terms, Razed! :thumbsup: ). You need to get the files from the official website, http://www.enbdev.com.

  • even if i used the one that came with the nvr mod in optional? i cant seem to toggle it on or off

  • @porticus123
    You'll first need to install the official binaries before applying any presets.

  • @porticus123 you need to download the full enb program from enbdev and then install the preset files which is the graphic settings from nvr into the enb folder and overwrite any files it ask you to.

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