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@COD-MASTER-123; about missing files... (How to bring back original game files from original RPFs)

  • @COD-MASTER-123 If you need the game files there's a better way to doing that than requesting it here.

    If you haven't modded any of the original .rpfs supplied with your copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 this method should work perfectly. READ CLOSELY

    • Launch OpenIV, click GTA 5 (duh)

    -If You Have A Single File To Replace-

    • Pick one of the orignal, unmodded RPFs in the root folder in GTA 5 (based on the modded RPF. Example: Modded x64e, have a car mod you don't want no more, go to original unmodded x64e in root folder of GTA 5.)

    • From there, right click on the required model and click (either Extract, or Export. Last I remember Export would just let you rip the assets the way they were while Extract would hand them out in 3 strange and separate files. been a while since I modded GTA 5, but that doesn't mean my advice won't work.)

    -If It's The Whole RPF-

    • Easy, what I said before, but instead of using OpenIV, all you need is your favorite file explorer (I always use the built in one.). Find your desired RPF, right click and click Copy, go back to your mods folder, and hit paste. This should overwrite your old RPF with a fresh one.

    I hoped this solved your issue.

    _**Mods, if you feel this is in the wrong topic (probably isn't, seeing as how I was talking about fixing mods, although my stomach ache might be trying to tell me otherwise...)

  • Fixed but thanks :)


    @COD-MASTER-123 said in @COD-MASTER-123; about missing files... (How to bring back original game files from original RPFs):

    Fixed but thanks :)

    If you want a pre-gunrunning version, simply do what I did: remove patchday15 and gunrunning from your dlclist.xml file, and you'll effectively have the older version running. I did that because I only have a few valid Car ID's left, and didn't want to give those up for gunrunning.

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