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Simple Trainer for GTA V 5.8

  • Hi buddies! Nice to meet you. This' my first post, and of course, today I need your help. :boy_tone1:

    I download and install Simple Trainer for GTA V 5.8. It works fine. I'm very glad.

    But, I have a question or maybe I don't know how to safe this:

    When I create a backguard, for any character (Trevor, Michael or Franklin) (really very funny), I do step by step to configure that backguard.

    The question is when I leave the backguard, or close the game.

    The bodyguard is not saved in the game. So, I've to make it again.

    Is there anyway to save the backguard with configuration I did the first time?

    Or...., it's impossible? :confused:

    Thanks buddies for your help!

    See ya.....


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    Bodyguards are managed by the trainer itself. As far as I know you can't save body guards, but once you set up the body guard options you can save the overall trainer options in the second page of the first options menu. When you start the game again you can go and just spawn a new bodyguard with the settings you chose the previous time.

  • @ikt Thanks a lot buddy. Excelente your post.

    See you.


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