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is it possible to move object up and down ?

  • this is a stupid question but, i see menyoo has a rotating option for objects, its really good for ventilator and car showroon but,i would like to make a working lift.....its it possible to do this ingame ? i imagine so,cos the game does have lift in one mission. should i ask MAFINS ? its there a easy way to do this ? i'm no coder.

  • @BladeRJ

    Maybe with the object properties selection... highlight a model and look for if it says open properties, if the corner text with the keys and stuff say something about properties, press the specified key to open the properties.

  • @krashadam i dont' see properties ,is that in menyoo ?

  • He's probably talking about object properties in ZModeler

  • @Oskar. Dude... I almost NEVER use Zmodeler... why would you assume that??? (especially since the guy I was replying to was using Menyoo?)

    @BladeRJ Yes, Menyoo.

  • @krashadam How should I know that? I was assuming that because ZModeler has an object properties section where you can define stuff like the ability of an object to rotate an stuff like that.

  • @Oskar But menyoo had this feature too though. lol

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