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Ultrawide monitor...

  • Hi, I have a 21:9 aspect ratio ultrawide monitor with the resolution of 2560x1080. I've got 2 problems:
    1.) the minimap alignment is wrong as it's not exactly in the bottom left corner of the screen
    2.) the gameplay looks stunning with a higher field of view due to 21:9 but the cutscenes are in 16:9 which causes letterboxing on both sides of my screen and it annoys me.

    How do I "force" the game to play cutscenes in 21:9 instead of 16:9? I don't want black bars on my screen...
    (I'm already using this app called "Flawless Widescreen" and all the fixes are checked as well as the "letterbox fix" but it doesn't work at all)


  • @Tengerecki I'm pretty sure that's just how the minimap is aligned. If you use NativeUI on ultrawide, it will still be aligned as if you were on 1920x1080.

    As for cutscenes, no idea why R* put the black bars..

    I'm not using Flawless Widescreen and my situation is the same.

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