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Modding Radio, translate "oac" file to human language not PC hash thingy?

  • Hi,

    I'm modding my radio stations and so far it works very very well! I have no issues with import/export and adding the Track ID.
    However there is one limit I'm stuck at.
    So far I had to replace all songs with songs that are the same length as the original. If a song is longer it messes up the whole station flow and caused the audio to mashup with the DJ talk or the next song...
    I see that every song has a oac file genereated when exported with tons values in it..

    EventTypeHash 0xE89AE78C
    ParameterHash 0x3F800000
    Timestamp 8721920
    Flags 0x00000000

    I understand that "Timestamp" most likely is the value I should change (increase?) so I can add longer songs.
    However I can't understand the numbers as they seem to be some sort of PC or coding hash.
    Is there a way to get a human readable number? or convert it to seconds/minutes or so?

    If I could figure out how to add longer songs, I could finally start on replacing Radio X.. But all theirs songs are to short so I don't have a 1=1 replace :(
    But if someone could help me figure out the meaning of the track properties in the OAC file, i could change the length value and change the values correctly for a longer song.

    thanks in advance

  • Have you found it out yet? I'd like to know this aswell.

  • @Sabrina2001 there is no need to change them... you may know each .awc have two tracks one left and one right... when you export an .awc as an .oac file and open it with notepad++ you see some codes for each channel (left and right) ...
    for most of them one channel have no events and for the other channel has defined a lots of events...
    just delete all the events defined for the channel and make it like the other one...
    for example your .oac must like this :
    Version 1 11
    IsStream True
    Headroom 16
    Wave all_the_things_she_said\ALL_THE_THINGS_SHE_SAID_LEFT.wav
    Events null
    Headroom 17
    Wave all_the_things_she_said\ALL_THE_THINGS_SHE_SAID_RIGHT.wav
    Events null
    it's not a complete solution (there is still little small intros and talks when the song is played)... but this completely solve the songs mashup problem.

  • @q0w1e2r3 tried this, didn't fix the overlapping songs issue :(
    alt text
    is this not correct?

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