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Modding Radio, translate "oac" file to human language not PC hash thingy?

  • Hi,

    I'm modding my radio stations and so far it works very very well! I have no issues with import/export and adding the Track ID.
    However there is one limit I'm stuck at.
    So far I had to replace all songs with songs that are the same length as the original. If a song is longer it messes up the whole station flow and caused the audio to mashup with the DJ talk or the next song...
    I see that every song has a oac file genereated when exported with tons values in it..

    EventTypeHash 0xE89AE78C
    ParameterHash 0x3F800000
    Timestamp 8721920
    Flags 0x00000000

    I understand that "Timestamp" most likely is the value I should change (increase?) so I can add longer songs.
    However I can't understand the numbers as they seem to be some sort of PC or coding hash.
    Is there a way to get a human readable number? or convert it to seconds/minutes or so?

    If I could figure out how to add longer songs, I could finally start on replacing Radio X.. But all theirs songs are to short so I don't have a 1=1 replace :(
    But if someone could help me figure out the meaning of the track properties in the OAC file, i could change the length value and change the values correctly for a longer song.

    thanks in advance

  • Have you found it out yet? I'd like to know this aswell.

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