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  • NOTE: This mod is in early stages, as I currently don't have a computer and probably won't till December. Screenshots and such will come out when I've got a computer and get GTAV. I am however beginning to script some of it. But I'll announce that when the mod is actually in full swing and get my laptop back.

    Update: Finished MystiV's thumbnail.
    alt text

    If you do wanna see my previous mod idea I had, which won't be coming out anytime soon lol here: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/12690/mod-idea-the-agesv/17

    Anyways to the mod idea.

    Uncomplete Story Synopsis
    Shaun has arrived to Los Santos from San Fierro with his friend, Jacob to return back to their respective homes, he then on upon returning home meets up with old and new friends, Hunters (conspiracy theorists however more active in what they do sort of like modern day Assasains from Assassin's Creed) like himself. However, just as life is going well for Shaun, after a chain of events he then comes to learn of a big government conspiracy, resulting to things like aliens, psycopaths, clowns and even monsters. Shaun decides after quite some persuasion that he'll go back to the life of a Hunter. Though eventually learns that the conspiracy is bigger than him, and so is the target on him and his friends' back making up for an emotional and epic adventure...

    Los Santos, while being a rich and vibrant city, holds many many secrets. Governments hiding aliens, to aliens maybe walking among us as of right now, to ghosts and hauntings, and even to the mysterious mountain tops of Mount Chilliad where it is said is the source of most government coverups and alien activity. Rumours have been circulating also on how monsters apparently lurk the sewers, all said to have apparently originated from Humane Labs itself...
    It is up to you, the player, to unlock these mysteries and uncover these secrets however beware as the closer you get to uncovering the truth, the bigger the threat you become...

    Planned scenarios

    • The Vanilla GTA Military will be way more dangerous than before, and will be more tightly protected. Unless in a mission in the story. :hammer:
    • Mount Chilliad being a hotspot for strange activity such as alien and cult activity. :hammer:
    • Killer Clowns attacking Los Santos, even if the player isn't around, and if he/she is will also be attacked and attempted to get killed by them.:hammer:
    • Killer Clowns carrying miniguns, and firework launchers as well as colour tinted weapons like Carbine Rifles, and for a melee weapon, a baseball bat.:hammer:
    • Haunted houses across the map. Dunno whether it should be made from scratch. :hammer:
    • Various monsters across the map, approximately four most likely which are more hidden. :link: Later Update

    Gameplay Ideas

    • New Fighting Style/Adding Cutscene Anims :link:
    • Flying saucer AI. :hammer:
    • Ghost AI in the haunted houses, disappearing and reappearing, and maybe deciding whether to scare the player or attack it. Yes they're invisible.:hammer:
    • Psychopaths in some of the houses, also having quite simple AI. :hammer:
    • Serial killers in the forests of Los Santos, also quite hidden unless spotting the player (I'm also planning on maybe them attacking people who pass them even if the player isnt there). :link:
    • New Loading Screen/Music :100:
    • A File System (if the player in free roam finds a government base somewhere, they'll be files in particular rooms and if the player walks close to one, an option will come up on whether you want to read the file, if you press a certain letter key, subtitle like text will appear on the screen basically showing what the file is saying). :tools:
    • Rival factions will be on Mount Chilliad on occasions (rival Hunters as they'd be called in the story), wielding weaponry and other tech and will attempt to kill the player whether they'd be in a collective or solo. Usually near the Mystery Mural. :hammer:
    • Certain areas around the map will be strange activity hotspots. :hammer:

    Story Ideas/Mission Structure :hammer:

    • Most characters in the Story Mode including the protaganist will be Online custom made characters. Easier than at least actually making peds.
    • New protaganist to replace Trevor maybe.
    • He is a conspiracy theorist due to his father's mysterious death.
    • Story won't be too deep and will mainly revolve around what this mod is solely based on with twists and turns.
    • I am planning for a lot of missions, but I dunno if it's possible, since the game already will have by then a large save slot (dependent on whether you've finished the game or not).
    • Characters will speak using subtitles and maybe some animations.
    • Planning on an action packed story.
    • Planning on at least 40 missions, but probably not possible. :hammer_pick:
    • Like mentioned previously even after the story is completed, there's still more to the mystery that remain unsolved but not alot, so the player will still be able to explore for himself based off info from the story.
    • Missions will be in the same style as GTA (player touches a marker and starts the mission and obviously your progress will be saved).
    • Side missions might be in the story, though after you finish the Story Mode of the mod and will mainly revolve around smaller theories, and maybe some detective work. :link:
    • Some of the missions in the Story Mode won't all be about exploring places, there are some bargains for information, such as say for example there could be a mission where someone has info on something Shaun needs, and maybe that person tells Shaun that he wants to race him in order to do so. Missions like this will be in the Story Mode.
    • Aliens obviously play a role in this mod and are mentioned alot though are rare to actually find and see.

    Appreciated Help/Issues Faced


    • New alien ped model :coffee:


    Won't come out for a few months...

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