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[WIP] [SCRIPT] MysteriousV

  • --Debating the mod title---
    If you do wanna see my previous mod idea I had, which won't be coming out anytime soon lol here: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/12690/mod-idea-the-agesv/17

    For anyone that has seen that mod idea and is questioning why I keep posting mod ideas here is so that firstly people know I'm the first to come up with the idea and I'm not blamed for copying even if someone else posts a mod similar to that of what I have planned while I'm writing this I'm also not accused of copying (and not particularly blaming the other guy if that was the case as well).

    Anyways, sorry for the long intro, now onto the idea which will probably also take a long time to make but less longer than the AgesV mod idea. I wanted to make a mod similar to that of the SA's Mysterix Mod but more story developed than that and also includes hints at the Chilliad Mystery as well as hidden pathways, aliens, secret character connections all that stuff. I wanted to hide a ton of stuff in Mount Chilliad, ton at the Military Base, basically all over the map. I do want to include some rumoured monsters in there that fit the story I have in mind at least for this mod (it's not a huge story but more of a "connect the dots"situation) but that'll probably come later in the mod's development when I learn more about 3DSMax.

    As for why, if anyone cares, is that I am really intrigued in the Chilliad Mural Mystery (since this and the Mysterix inspired me to have this idea) but it seems like there's no ultimate goal to it. Yeah they planted dots here and there but they haven't really come out and said much. Apparently, one of the Story DLC's was meant to be about it but then Shark Cards and Leslie Benzies leaving happened and so here we are. It's not gonna be random shit around the map, again it'll be more story based and based off of Chilliad Mystery videos on YT as well as in general strange occurrences in the game. My PC is kinda broken too, so I just got to wait for a new laptop also to add to how long this mod will take to make, and I'm also questioning whether I'd make it in .NET or Menyoo/Map Editor though I'm leaning more to .NET on that.

    Los Santos, while being a rich and vibrant city, holds many many secrets. Governments hiding aliens, to aliens maybe walking among us as of right now, to ghosts and hauntings, and even to the mysterious mountain tops of Mount Chilliad where it is said is the source of most government coverups and alien activity. Rumours have been circulating also on how monsters apparently lurk the sewers, all said to have apparently originated from Humane Labs itself...
    It is up to you, the player, to unlock these mysteries and uncover these secrets however beware as the closer you get to uncovering the truth, the bigger the threat you become...

    UPDATE 1 Actual Gameplay Ideas:
    Again, for those who care, here's a little snippet of the basic plot i have in mind for this mod, it basically deals with the Chilliad Mural Mystery as well as the government and aliens like previously stated. I felt bored and that what i wrote here before was a bit too blunt.Weird shit will occur on different days on the map as well as different map and the player basically has to connect these dots together, for example, if you fly a plane over an area you may spot FIB UFOs watching you from miles away and disappearing, if coming close they might shoot the player down, prohibited places on the map which security heavily guard and it's probably rumoured ET activity goes on there, maybe government bases etc. If the player tries to straight up go in, they will be shot down so the player will basically have to find his way through until he/she sees something interesting.

    As far as updates go, monsters? I've watched some videos, and I am aware they're some mods based on these monsters already, though yeah when I'm actually good at 3DS Max, I'll probably add some, such as the supposed Sewer Monster, the apparent monster near the oceans of wherever have to look more into that but that's all I can say for that now.
    As for Mount Chilliad, there's a ton of stuff I wanna hide there, such as more UFO activity going on, strange sounds, maybe hidden alien bases, government stuff (:P) I can't really reveal all that about Mount Chilliad yet.

    Lastly, there will also be strange activity going on at the Military Base, and will be more protected than it actually is currently. So, altogether, this mod is basically meant to connect dots. UFOs, government coverups, strange occurrences in general etc. It's not a mission like mod, it's more of the player's choice. I'm also thinking that if the player has been getting into a lot of mischief with these mysteries especially dealing with the government, since say the player probably raided or snuck in so many hidden government bases or something like that, agents will be sent after the player, probably watching them for some time and then probably finally chasing them at one stage. And yes I do have plans and concepts for main story character connections.

    These are all ideas, so as for the story I have in mind nothing has been ruined since Mount Chilliad is pretty much the basis of all of this and I haven't revealed much about that so yeah. I dunno if I'm reaching I dunno if what I'm saying is possible but I'll try eventually. My laptop is broken so I probably won't get started on this mod for a long time, probably till December but then again I'm a beginner so it gives me time to learn at least. Though when that time comes, my first update will be more government based which is really all I can say as of now. And yes obviously I won't release the whole concept in the first update c'mon guys.

    UPDATE 2 I have literally been binge watching Chilliad Mystery Videos for the last few hours, and I think I have a few more ideas that I didn't really know before, more specifically the quite mysterious Oeurve Art Gallery. More plot details coming soon. This is not a request per say, though if anyone would like to provide ideas, all ideas are welcomed.

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