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Natural Vision & Redux Combined?

  • Does natural vision and redux can be combined?

  • @DiamondSaints get rid of redux and go with the better looking graphics mod and enjoy 10-20 fps increase.

  • @Willief23 What if I already Installed redux then I already installed some mods on its folder is there any possibilites I can Uninstall it and remain the other mods? I think I wanna try Natural Vision?

  • @DiamondSaints i think with redux you have to remove the whole mods folder and start over again. I dont have redux installed as it doesnt play well with other car mods/script mods or other mods in general. Plus its just stolen mods from here combined into a big pack .

  • @Willief23 Thanks alot for the reply bro!

  • @DiamondSaints said in Natural Vision & Redux Combined?:

    Does natural vision and redux can be combined?

    What you just said should be bannable.....
    Way to just spit on CP and Razed, but at the same time use thier mods.
    alt text

  • @DiamondSaints There is a GTA Redux uninstaller you can find inside the NVR readme. Look for it and start downloading. It will automatically uninstall Redux but keep your other mods.

  • @DiamondSaints this topic is interesting I wonder what happens when you mix mvga and natural vision? Really sick to experiment with

  • I don't know about Natural Vision and Redux. But I use Redux with MVGA with no problem, and it looks really nice.

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