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Again a couple of suggestions.

  • Hey. I had some other suggestions. I hope they can be added.

    First: Short mod description while hovering over a mod with the mouse pointer. So instead of clicking the mod to read the long description there is a small description that you can read.

    Second: Instead of a sort option to sort mods that are uploaded in the last month. Add an option next to it to sort mods updated in the last month or two months year or week etc. Or even better a time frame box so you can select a date yourself.

    Let me know what you think.

  • @enjoythekilling Gonna be honest... I hate hover panels lol. For the short description, I can try some other designs to see if I can find something I like, though. I haven't had anybody else ask for something like that though so unfortunately it won't be a big priority for me right now.

    As for the sort options, at the top of the category pages there's a dropdown labeled "Since" that lets you filter the results by a timeframe:

    alt text

  • @rappo Hey rappo. Thanks for the reply. I know of the dropdown "since" menu. The downside is that it only sorts uploads in since and not when mods are updated since.

  • @enjoythekilling I don't totally understand your issue. When you select "Since: Last Week / Sort by: Latest Versions" it shows you mods that were uploaded or updated in the last week.

  • @rappo I mean to sort by most downloaded and then use the "since" dropdown menu to sort versions that have been updated within a month or within a week. Not mods that have ben uploaded within a week or month. I hope i explained it correctly now. Sorry for the trouble. :)

    Like this.
    Updated Since: Last Week or Uploaded Since: Last Week
    Sort By: Most Downloaded

  • @enjoythekilling Ah I see - yes, I understand now. The reason why I don't show updated mods when you sort by "Most Downloaded" within a given time frame is because the number of downloads they received didn't necessarily happen within that timeframe. If a mod posted last year has 10,000 downloads, then gets updated today, it would be at the top of the most downloaded list even if it only got one download today. I didn't think it's a very good representation of what the most downloaded mod of the day was. That said, I could maybe add a new sort option or checkbox for including updates.

  • @rappo That would be great. I'd love to see the most downloaded mods that are updated since last month. That way i can see that for example Menyoo has been updated to work with DLC that's been released in said month.

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