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Why did I get banned?

  • Because I got banned for the reason: You are an asshat. First of all, wut? Second, what is the reason behind this?

  • @Global-Moderators @administrators I thought this issue was cleared up but he's still banned? WTF guys?


    It was cleared up, as you can see from the image above.

    Just because the moderator was rude in his reason for banning (which he's since apologised for and it hasn't happened since) doesn't mean the original ban, which was for trolling file uploads during the OpenIV vs Take Two situation, should be lifted.

    Since you were banned, Pizzahut, I will now ban your account on the forums too. Banned means banned. If you want to talk about your ban then I'm on Discord or you can use the contact form to contact me.

    @Pizzahut reason seem to be rappo is gone and now bans arent objective and every moderator can do what he want because the others and also admins don't care. we told admins about your ban reason on discord and nobody cares and has done anything against that. its anarchy now on 5mods. this site changed to crap since rappo left

    @TobsiCred That's a very disingenuous assessment. If you want to go back and re-read that situation it was on the 1st of July 2017 on Discord in the "report-moderation-issues" channel. It certainly was dealt with by an admin (myself), while I was on holiday no less, so either you are lying or you have a very selective memory to suit your opinions. Either way, it's really not cool to lie about a situation so you can say the admins "don't care" when I took time out of my holiday to actually deal with this situation personally.


    @TobsiCred "now bans arent objective and every moderator can do what he want because the others and also admins don't care" Absolutely no. I'm a clear example that we're not doing what you've said and a lot of people can confirm that or even myself can do it with simple screenshots, so please don't lie to people with false accusations.


    @TobsiCred I provided my reason for not changing the ban reason in that post you provided an image for. If you have the rest of that post then feel free to post it (funny that you're taking screenshots of things I say!) -- it's since been removed as it was on a file that was deleted.

    Essentially, the moderator was wrong to provide a bad/rude reason for banning someone, but if I change it then it looks like we're covering it up. Rather than cover it up I'd rather just admit that this did happen and that moderators are still human and they make mistakes.

    I spoke to the moderator at the time personally about not only providing better ban reasons but also on not being rude in them and trying to be better than the person they are banning by not stooping to their level. They agreed, they apologised, and they haven't done it since. Case closed.

    That's what I explained in that post you half-quoted in the image above, so for you to come in and say we "don't care", that "bans aren't objective" and "every moderator can do what he wants" is rude, wrong, and lying because you know full well I did all of this because you saw the message I left on that file page. You even thought it was so important than you saved my message! So yes, you knew full well what I did and why I did it.


    You're changing the topic now and talking about a completely different topic.

    Moderators having multiple accounts is nothing new, and certainly not limited to just this site. I have 5 accounts on this site because I need to be able to test the functionality of the site across all the different member groups (of which there are 5). Many moderators help in this process and have multiple accounts to help them in their duties. To call moderators out for that is just plain petty and silly.

  • @Dark0ne The ban reason hasn't been changed and its still "You are an asshat". I agree completely with @TobsiCred, admins should not call their community members "asshats". Moderator transparency or not, he (Pizzahut) should have the right to know why he was banned for. If a new member comes along and see's his profile, he'll think that the staff team is immature.


    Christ, we're going around in circles.

    Since I've already fully explained the situation I'm going to lock this thread.

    Edit: I have removed the references to lying in this post out of respect to Tobsicred. We have since spoken privately on Discord. Tobsi has explained his issues and I've explained what exactly the issue was in regards to his original statement not looking factually correct.

    For future reference, if people spot moderators acting inappropriately then please contact me personally about the issue so I can deal with it. While I would like an all-seeing eye, sadly I do not have one, so we rely as much on the community as we do ourselves.

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