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OpenInterior Error everytime when i try to start to Game

  • Hello iam running the latest GTA V (Version v1.0.1103.2 on Rockstar Social Club (non-SteamVersion) and I updated OpenIV, ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet and Latest Community Script Hook V .NET.
    Since few Days i have a Problem with my OpenInterior.asi . ( core: an exception while executing openinterior.asi (0x00007FFE0F0CB950) ID 37). This Errors comes everytime when i click on story-mode.
    I use Mods like

    • Vehicle Bunker [SPG]
    • Single Player Garage
    • Office Garages [SPG]
    • allbrimspack
    • 18cfe1-Rain Effects v1.5
    • New Benny's Original Motor Works in SP
    • enhancednativetrainer


    Odd, works fine for me on the Steam version. I suppose the mod author hasn't patched it for the latest version, so you best just remove it until it gets an update.

  • @ikt OAI is fine, as I and a countless many other use it everyday. She's likely a pirated copy.

  • It exists 3 Game versions ;) . Steam , Rockstar Social Club Version and Pirated and i wrote i have a Rockstar Social Club Version . So i paid it legally

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