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No mods - high FPS. Lots of mods - slow FPS. What to do? (Centers around SPA/Open Interiors)

  • All right, so the tl;dr is in the title, and I'm tech-savvy enough to understand that cranking a load of mods into a game that's not "officially" built around them is going to slow things down. And further, I understand not running high-end hardware is going to be a bottleneck. That being said, I have an FX-6350 in my rig right now, I'm planning on upgrading to an 8350, and I get a solid 60FPS with graphics settings fairly close to max (no tessellation, upscaling, or AA--don't feel I need those to enjoy the experience).

    Modlist at the bottom of the post.

    I know it's a lot, but even most of those mods work fine; I notice most of my performance degradation from using Single Player Apartments and Open Interiors. Does anybody have any idea as to why? Those two mods are pretty essential to my personal enjoyment of the game--interiors and all, so I'd really hate to have to do without them.

    Mod List:
    Main Folder:
    LeFix Speedo
    MP in SP
    OpenIV (natch)


    Mods Folder
    VisualV (with included ENB and optional atmosphere)
    Southern SA Exotic Traffic
    World of Variety
    Crime and Police Rebalance Mod
    Radar Satellite View
    Radar Satellite Minimap
    Euphoria Ragdoll
    GTA IV Vehicle Deformation

  • FOV and any visual mods will shit on your FPS if you don't have a great rig, best advice is to lower your graphics settings and or get rid of a few graphics mods.

  • @TheLoneWolf293 Thanks! But I don't think graphics mods are an issue. Like I said, VisualV and the ENB/optional mods and all by themselves do not affect my frame-rate. Collectively, sure, they do, when I've installed all my mods, but alone, nope. What hits it the most are SPA/Open All Interiors. What can I do about that, specifically? I get 20fps drop just from SPA alone.

  • @FranklinWannabe dont use SinglePlayerApartment its horrible on FPS loss. multiple people have done tests on it and you lose anywhere from 20-25fps on that 1 script alone. Get rid of it. PremiumDeluxeMotorsports is around 3-5fps loss.

  • @Willief23 Good to know. I wonder why that is, since OpenAllInteriors doesn't do the same thing.

  • @FranklinWannabe Most script mod developers don't care about or know how to avoid FPS dropping bottlenecks and memory leaks because most of them are no professional developers. That being said, with this amount of mods it's just natural your game performance is crap.

  • @FranklinWannabe That's a huge list of mods, its pretty clear why the game lags so much. Like @Cyron43 said, most of these mods create lots of memory leaks and infinite loops which the developers don't care to correct.

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