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Settings mods debate (Closed)

  • Seriously. Since when does a game settings become a mod? Who can't change their own settings? @administrators why is this a thing?!?

  • @eshenk a reference link to the mod would be great :P sounds interesting.

  • How about stop complaining about EVERYTHING you don't like? You're literally spamming everything with your complaints about everyone and everything without even thinking about that others may like these kind of mods.

  • @Oskar They are NOT mods. If you drop down some settings, do you think you have made a mod?!? Get real.

  • Do you actually know what a mod is? A mod is a modification and a modification can be really anything from a tiny little change in the settings up to a map mod or something like that,

  • @eshenk i still don't see a reference link here what are you guys arguing about and what is the reason for this Thread. please explain.

  • @FoxtrotDelta This site is riddled with hundreds of them. It is impossible not to notice when it is so common-place. So how does changing one's own settings become a mod, when anyone can go into their own menu and change their own sliders?

  • @eshenk still 1 link as a reference would help. or else the topic thread holds no basis.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Jesus man, just Today one was uploaded and approved. How did THIS become a mod?!? https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/settings-for-intel-r-hd-graphics

  • @eshenk i see well let the debate begin.

    but if you want my humble opnion anything that modifies the game and gives a helping hand to improve performance or fun of the game should be welcome on this website. like tools we make those are not mods but they help create mods or run the game better.

    so Tools and mods are two different things just like config files etc. i don't feel the need of this topic but may be you have a point that i can't or don't see.

    let the admins decide.

  • This seriously doesn't need its own thread.

  • well i agree with eshenk we already have 100s of these settings mods on here already there is no real point in having any more added to the website. Not to mention the crappy menyoo car mods which most people rate 1s or 2s but still stay on the site. I think i have seen maybe 3 decent or good menyoo cars compared to all the crappy ones that never get removed.


    @eshenk When people ask "since when does a that become a mod" I just can laugh (and I'm not being bad, don't get me wrong).

    Here's a definition about what's a modification: A modification is a change or alteration, usually to make something work better.

    Said that, isn't it a mod (modification abreviation)? It's a modification, even if you don't like it. As example, if I touch a plastiline piece, I've modified it already. Can be a shitty modification, but it's one.

    Next time don't say "it's not a mod", because the definition I've posted above says all.

    And well, I agree that such modifications shouldn't be approved, as they don't do anything that can't be done youself. Or at least, just keep in the site the most downloaded/rated one, but no more than 1, just for people that's so lazy to do it themselves.

  • I personally agree with everything @Reyser and @FoxtrotDelta have said. Since these setting files are a form of modifiying game files (even if you can create settings files from within the game using the options sliders), they are valuable to players.

    Personally, I see no harm in them being here. They're not doing any damage by being available to download.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Great, looks like this thread has the potential to decay into a few users raging while everyone else has exhausted the reasons why these settings mods/files deserve to be here. :face_palm:

    In my opinion, you shouldn't be taking these things so seriously. It's a settings file, just some data that could be used as an easy way to get the right settings for how beefy or wimpy your rig is. They're not the be all and end all of this site. Besides, settings files are not the largest category on this site by far - both clothing, vehicles and script mods outnumber them in the thousands.


    @eshenk I don't like to warn people, but I have no way right now. You're now warned. If you create another topic to just create unnecessary debates about "mods that shouldn't be approved for not being mods in your opinion" (when we've told you they're mods even if you don't want to admit it), or even if you laugh at others comments the same way you did at your last and removed comment, you'll be banned...

    Topic closed.

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