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Need help installing an aircraft.

  • I am quite new to modding GTA single player and I really need some help. I want to install an aircraft mod for just the single player. What are the main things I need to install to get this https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/airbus-a320-200 installed into the single player?

  • You will need

    You will need to install OPENIV
    1.)Click on the link and download OpenIV 2.8
    2.)Follow the instructions and locate your GtaV game folder.
    3.)Open OpenIV and press on Edit mode(Top right box)
    4.)Navigate to the destination as said in the ReadMe/Instructions.
    5.)Import the .ytf and .ytd files into the correct folder. This will almost always be a vehicles folder. Press on the green plus bar(Top left) and import the .ytf and .ytd files.

  • @Airpurple2637 just follow, the instructions from. Readme file in the download folder.

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