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Different Numberplates For Different Areas [SCRIPT]

  • I would love a script mod, or any mod, where certain plates spawn only in certain areas with there own license setup.

    For example, only Paleto Bay plates spawn on cars in Paleto Bay, with numberplates like this "1 XA V89" (random letters of course)*

    But then in Los Santos, only the San Andreas plate spawns in Los Santos with this setup - "3ES 65RT" (random numbers again)

    That would be so cool. It should for work for Sandy Shores too as there is an Alamo Plate.
    This will need the Alamo Plate/Paleto Plate.
    As an extra, it would be cool for a small chance of San Andreas plates spawning in Paleto Bay, or Paleto Bay plates on cars in Los Santos. This is an extra though, I don't mind.

    Willing to pay for a good scripter/modder :)

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