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  • I was wondering if anyone would make a civil war mod where lets say the confederate is sandy shores while the city/downtown be the north although it be a cool thing to see but I would understand if it would offend some people and I am sorry if I ever offended anyone I am just a war/history buff I just like learning a lot lol even though I already know about the civil war I just want to see a mod that would act like that lol.

  • I'm trying to find more info on uniforms I know that the musket is already in the game lol

  • wow its been 3 days since this post lol and no one answers lol I guess its a touchy subject

  • @TR71777 It's just something that no one is interested in doing like most of the other topics here, but it's a great idea, I would enjoy it.

  • @TR71777 @car-mod-fan Is a good idea but bad for the performance. Unfortunatelly, Gang Wars, War mods and other with high number of peds in scene with combat behavior active, can greatly decrease game performance.
    However, a talented modder is working in one looking the best performance and realism possible in his mod War V

    For a historical environment, just needs skin mods in peds, vehicles and weapons edited.

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