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[SCRIPT] Multiple Waypoints at once

  • Hey, Text below has been copied and altered from an external source

    Why not be able to have multiple waypoints instead of just one?
    I often found myself planning to do something in GTA V (whatever that may be) which involves visiting one place, then another, then another. The problem was that if I didn't know my way around the area off by heart, I would often keep returning to the menu to delete, and then plot a new waypoint - which gets boring quickly. Plus I like to play smoothly instead of pausing frequently.

    So my thought is this: What if we can plot up to like 5 waypoints on the map at once, maybe they could show up in different colours or something?


  • On it

  • Uploaded, waiting approval here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/multi-waypoint-mod

    Thanks for the idea it was fun to make :)

    EDIT: Download here if still not approved when you see this

  • @FIFASam Wow! Thanks for beginning development so fast! Glad you enjoyed making it too :)

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