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980ti game settings and performance

  • Pleeeeease ...does anyone have an answer to this. I have a 980ti, 16gb ram, and fx8350, and can't seem to get decent FPS in GTAV. I know it aint no i7, but this combo has not let me down on other games. I can run 60 and it dips barely to 55 occasionally on other games, but in GTA it goes as low as 27 FPS. I have tried 1080, also 1440 and 4k, but even 1080 it slows. Its always when I am near anyone, cars, people, in town and whatnot. It always goes up to 50 or so in the hills, even with grass on a high setting. If I let it go into cinematic mode, where the view is changing every few seconds, it stays atleast 40, and all the way up to 60. The view that makes it drop below 30 is the view behind the car, thats a little to the side...if you know what i mean by that. I have tried lowering the settings drastically, including advanced settings, and it seems to have little effect. If I go all to normal settings, and no advanced, it seriously looks like garbage. I do have the NaturalvisionRemaster on with no REshade, but I took it off, and had little difference. I am lost on why most other games I am fine with maxed out, or partially maxed out settings on all resolutions, and still am able to hit 50-60 FPS. Im not really an FPS whore, the 60 mark on GTA is not a must, it would be nice, but not necessary. What I don't understand is why I am constantly running into 27-35 FPS. Its bullshit for the setup I have. Anyone? I know Intel is the better choice, but until I have some good cash on hand....any configuration help my situation would be greatly appreciated. Thx

  • @Mrblaok39 script mods will make your fps tank as well. For example alot of imnotmentals script mods will drop your fps anywhere from 5-10 fps. His single player apartment script mod is the worst with a 20-25 fps drop with only that script mod installed. Spawning your addon cars into traffic will drop your fps. Saving your addon cars all around the city with the vehicle persistance mods will drop fps. Any texture mods you install that are 2k and higher will drop fps a little bit. There is multiple things that will drop your fps down.

  • @Mrblaok39 my main assumption is that your cpu is thermal throttling or either one of the scripts interferes with ur gameplay, btw in settings make sure to turn off extended distance scaling to the minimum if it already hasnt,that can eat up the FPS a lot


    @Mrblaok39 please put a little more effort into your post's title so that people know what it is about by reading the title.


    You're the mod, might as well rename it to "[Help]Performance problems" :p

  • @Mrblaok39 Right before I came to this thread I found a spam thread (which I have reported). Now reading "Anyone with a heart..." made me think this is another spam thread. @DarthPungz is right.

  • I have the same setup you have.
    AMD FX 8350 Overclock 4.4 Ghz
    Nvidia EVEGA 980Ti 6GB SC
    16GB RAM 2133.

    I'm playing my game at 1440p with everything in very high-ultra detail.
    my average fps = 75
    low fps =45
    high = 125

    I have many scripts, and mods installed and not problem whatsoever.


    @Mrblaok39 I have renamed your post title. In the future please make your post titles more clearly representative of the post content. Thank you.

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