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[MAP] [WIP] GTA: Universe

  • @Krox Hey what's up man. Hows your project going so far. Totally looking forward to your map cause los Santos is getting boring for me lol

  • @Kitten-blaster I take it work is still being done on this but they may be waiting to post proper screenshots.

  • @Kitten-blaster Our guy who is importing the map doesnt had that much time this week so thats why we couldnt make an proper ingame screenshot. But we are still progressing map wise.

  • Hey guys, its been a pretty progressing week this time for me and my teammembers.

    Since tomorrow is my last day of holiday before my exams starts, I wanted to show some progress, because thats the last chance for me this month.

    Until Mid-May I wont be able to do lots of progress, like Ive even mentioned once, it will not be the progressive year, at least until my exams are over.

    So, here are some progress screens of the first region in LV.
    No textures will be showed, as they are not fully finished yet.
    Also not all models are finished yet and a lot of details will be added in the future.
    We are still experimenting with some stuff.
    So these screens are more showing the layout of the first region.

    So, lets get to the screens.
    The already known area, seen on a render, the famous LV Welcome sign Location:

    alt text

    Here you guys can see a new fast food restaurant that will be featured in our Universe called "Kirk in a shed" a parody of "Jack in the box"
    In the background Kerkorian Bay can be seen, Delano is not being started yet as the area is not finished yet.

    alt text

    Here you guys can see the Interior of the Kirk in a shed fast food restaurant, it was started not a long time ago, so its not the final result yet, but I guess still something interesting to show.

    alt text

    Then, here is the Yellow Bell Golf Course, a comeback from GTA: SA, its a parody of the Bali Hai Golf Club in Las Vegas.

    alt text

    Also an abandoned railtrack will cross over the first region.

    alt text

    For those who wonder, our importer that should import the map into GTA V is currently pretty busy, thats why we couldnt make a proper screenshot ingame.
    But we still wanted to show something ingame, we apologize for this bad camera angle.
    And we are still experimenting with textures.

    alt text

    So, thats all what we wanted to show to you guys for now.

    We are still experimenting with textures, models and all to get the best result out of the first region.
    We are trying avoid reusing GTA V models since we want to achieve a more detailed environment that fits todays standards more, as you can see at the railtracks that are now fully modelled and allows us to make us more variation on the railtracks. Or on the landscape that is now more smoother for more realistic looking later ingame.

    And a lot of details needs to be added to the environment, which will take some more time.

    So, its still some work to do before the release, but as soon as we nearly get there, a trailer will drop out!


    @Krox said in [MAP] [WIP] GTA: Universe:

    Until Mid-March I wont be able to do lots of progress, like Ive even mentioned once, it will not be the progressive year, at least until my exams are over.

    i hope march was a typo, that's a long ass wait if not


    @Reacon I think he meant to type mid-May, at least that's what I'm hoping.


    @DarthPungz me too lmao

  • @Reacon

    Ou ye, my bad.
    I meant mid May ^^


    @Krox glad lol!

  • looking guddd

  • We are searching for more people that can help us with this mod, on the main page you can find a link to the sheet in order to reply, if you think you can help us try that now

  • dont forget to join the discord guys!


    @itsmeTA I’m glad it ain’t

  • @itsmeTA

    This mod is far from dead, we still have a lot of plans for the future :)

  • @Krox hi dude hows the mod going so far man? super excited for this new map. from what I saw on the screenshots it looks super sick!

  • @Kitten-blaster said in [MAP] [WIP] GTA: Universe:

    @Krox hi dude hows the mod going so far man? super excited for this new map. from what I saw on the screenshots it looks super sick!

    We are still making good progress ^^

    We hope we can show you guys a new ingame screen this month.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey guys,

    The past few Months the team has been very busy. Now since we do not want to give people the impression this mod died, we decided to do a recap every Month.

    Comparable to a dev-diary where the team shows the progress from the last month to the public. Our team consists of different departments (sub-teams), as a result you get various updates in one post. We will not show any in-game pictures in the Monthly recaps, only progress.
    In-game screenshots will be released separately and will therefore not be part of the Monthly recaps. Additionally we will not showing progress we made in the past few Months. This recap is strictly focused on the past Month.

    Also not every single detail or easter egg, literally only what we did this past Month.

    So not everything will be revealed in the Monthly recaps. Props and destroy-able objects or any other comparable details will not be shown here, just raw rendering screens showing the models.

    So, now all the boring stuff is over. So what has been done?

    A good start would be the Western Company Motorcycles Building as requested by one of our Discord members.

    alt text
    This Building is also fully enterable.

    Next, the Bone County Fire Station number 5 has been finished this Month.

    alt text

    This Building is also fully enter able and has everything a firestation needs like for example: a Kitchen, Training room, Captain Office, Conference Room, Garage and a reception.

    In order to show you the whole Interior we need to take many pictures. Thats why we choose to show a rendering pic of the reception room instead.

    alt text

    This Month we also have worked on Interstate 7 (a parody of Interstate 15) crossing Las Venturas and an Old Train Bridge.

    alt text

    And just that you guys can get an Idea how everything will look texture wise (in-game). Even more details like; cracks and similar details will be added later on. This will be done by using decals mainly. Here is a little sneak peak for the real die hard texture lovers.

    alt text

    Now some real cool stuff, since everyone loves vehicles. Lets introduce the next part, new vehicles.

    Las Venturas also now has their very own proper Ambulance vehicle.

    alt text

    Since music is also important, lets head to the Radio stations. 2 new radio stations from GTA: SA will make a comeback to our lovely universe. Namely:

    alt text
    alt text

    So, that was it, hope you guys enjoyed the progress so far! :)

    Join our Discord Server, If you are interested for more future Month Recaps!



    @Krox glad to hear from you again! Really looking forward to this mod!

  • I was thinking about this map a week ago wondering if it was canceled. Glad to hear that its still kicking. thank you to you and your team for the hard work. Cant wait to replace los Santos with this sick map.

  • Really interesting thread! Good work man.

  • So happy this is still alive!
    What you've showcased so far looks damn promising. I'm sure this will turn out amazing one day.

  • Would love it if you could play slots, blackjack etc. Either way, a new map is very welcome.

  • The progress is moving very fine how soon is the release going to be

  • @deprince

    The Release is currently unknown.

    Since October I dont have that much time since I moved to Stuttgart for my Academy and dont have my own PC in my room to continue to work yet.
    Though I do try to stay longer at the 3D academy sometime just to do some progress, but its not much.
    But technically its not much to do anymore and with our next dev build we should be able to do an proper ingame screenshot showing the map :)
    Also on our Discord we do monthly recaps where you also can follow the progress.

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