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[MAP] [WIP] GTA: Universe

  • The progress is moving very fine how soon is the release going to be

  • @deprince

    The Release is currently unknown.

    Since October I dont have that much time since I moved to Stuttgart for my Academy and dont have my own PC in my room to continue to work yet.
    Though I do try to stay longer at the 3D academy sometime just to do some progress, but its not much.
    But technically its not much to do anymore and with our next dev build we should be able to do an proper ingame screenshot showing the map :)
    Also on our Discord we do monthly recaps where you also can follow the progress.

  • i will love to and you are really trying.

  • Hey Guys, as the map progresses more and more, we wanted to ask you guys what exactly do you expect from the map when it gets released?
    As we are not orientating on the level of detail of GTA V but more on newer games , we want to know on which things we should focus and on which we should focus the least.
    So, we made an poll for you guys where you can decide what do you expect from the map and on which things we should attention before release and for future regions. This poll will determine the future development of this mod, so we can create an Open World Map where nearly everyone is satisfied with.
    You can choose more than one answer, but please only choose the most important ones.
    This Poll will end on November 16.


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