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[MAP] [WIP] GTA: Universe

  • i will love to and you are really trying.

  • Hey Guys, as the map progresses more and more, we wanted to ask you guys what exactly do you expect from the map when it gets released?
    As we are not orientating on the level of detail of GTA V but more on newer games , we want to know on which things we should focus and on which we should focus the least.
    So, we made an poll for you guys where you can decide what do you expect from the map and on which things we should attention before release and for future regions. This poll will determine the future development of this mod, so we can create an Open World Map where nearly everyone is satisfied with.
    You can choose more than one answer, but please only choose the most important ones.
    This Poll will end on November 16.



    Hows it coming along @Krox? looking forward to hearing about it!

  • @Krox Yup any updates xD :P ???

  • @Reacon @Yogeshk

    On our discord we share latest news and pics about this mod.

  • Hey guys,

    Our team is currently looking highly for new people.
    During this development of this mod our team has become smaller.
    Some people leave because unknown reasons and some have been kicked due to their lack of engagement.
    Teammembers are also depending on other teammembers which results in that when one teammember has no time, the team becomes inactive for months.

    The Problem here is now that our mod is not progressing like in the past.
    Teammembers show less engagement and are more inactive then before.

    With that being said, I wanted to reach more people who are interested joining our team and make GTA: Universe reality. A mod that offers a new setting as a playground, something the GTA Community always wanted to see.
    For People who think that his mod is to ambitious and unrealistic, I can assure you that with a bit more people we can make this into reality.

    So we are highly searching for:

    3D Prop Artists
    Map Importer (Who are able to import our models ingame(looking for such people the most!))
    Vehicle Artists

    Please when someone can help us with one of those things contact me on Discord or here via DM and share this message to help us reaching more people.
    This is our last hope making this mod a near future reality.
    Also join our discord for more information and screenshots:

  • Wish I knew any of those :( ....Hope you get more team-members soon. :)

  • Check out our new Keyart for GTA: Universe!

    alt text


    @Krox looks great buddy! looking forward to seeing more!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm the new map importer for GTA: Universe and the reason for the recent updates being released.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • @ryanm2711 Nice xD

  • Lots of time has passed an we are still working hard on the new update coming sometime next month!
    If you guys missed some, check out our discord server, you can find there downloads of our recent updates.

    Here is a small inside look at one of the 3 new Interiors that are coming with the upcoming update.

    alt text

    This one is a golf cart barn, its a part of the yellow bell golf course. Here the golf carts are being stored and charged.

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