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gtav exe has exited unexpectedly error rage plugin hook

  • hey guys im getting the gtav exe has exited unexpectedly error in rage plugin hook for lspdfr for some reason and i did just install els and did a reinstall of my game please help me i have been deeling with this for some time and i tried everthing and i have all the requirements for lspdfr please message me back as soon as possble if anyone knows how to fix this thanks from mreas1299


    Did you read any word of my post in your previous thread?

    You might want to read this first. From the little to no info you gave, it sounds like you're running a version either ELS or RPH doesn't support. RPH only supports the latest versions, as indicated on the download page.

    Supported game versions
    Latest game patch is v1103.
    Latest supported game patch is v1103.

    So probably try to update your game first. Otherwise posting a nice set of logs would help. Since you're not dealing with ScriptHookV you might want to include the RagePluginHook log too.

    Also post some logs.

  • i installed the latest version of rph and the error comes up

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