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Enhance native trainer v.34 not working

  • Hello guys today I have a problem with my ENT(Enhance native trainer). I use ENT more than menyoo because I find it rather simple than menyoo but my problem is I have latest update with all latest dlc's but my game just do not support the latest version of ENT I don't know why. I can play with any other version whether it be 33 or 28 but as soon as I install v34 it stops working I keep pressing F4 but nothing happens IDK. Please help me and I appreciate everyone who views my query

  • @Raval This is why you should be using Menyoo. It works on every version, and if updated, can help keep up with the newest DLCs as well as most Add-On cars.

    Menyoo is the most downloaded and used trainer here. I suggest it. It makes all other trainers inferior, especially with it's convenient map editor, called Object Spooner.

    It also includes features such as:

    • Saving Your Custom Vehicles as .XML files.

    • Saving Your Player Character Setups (e.g "Freeroam Male MP - Claude from GTA 3" as a setup YOU created for that specific model.)

    • Ability to create Maps and structures using in-game props as well as utilizing Add-On props via adding file names to the objectlist.ini file.

    • Apply different timecycles.

    • Vision Hax

    • Flying Car Mode

    • Fully customizable weapons as well as saving those setups.

    • Spawn NPCs and either make them drink out of a gasoline jug or walk them to their dooms.

    • POSSESS other NPCs! Be The Devil!


    Menyoo is more than just your average trainer, you know. You really should give it a chance if you ask me. (not that it's my concern what you use but if you want a working trainer Menyoo is, to my knowledge, the only trainer that's most updated. It's your best bet.)

  • @krashadam Thanx but I need to tell you that I use menyoo too sometimes but I use ent more frequently. Your suggestion is helpful but still can you tell me why its not working

  • Hello ???? Can someone reply !!!!


    Can you post some logs? You should also tag the people involved.

  • @ikt logs ??? and ok I will remember to tag the peoples from next time



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