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need help with a skin

  • I am making a skin and i need a bit of help with one of the skins. the car has a dragon pinstripe on it and i havent be able to make this well. If anyone has the time could they help me make this. It would be very appreciated
    alt text


    use photoshop

  • @Faysal i have tried i just cant seem to get it right

  • @maybach123 try zmodeler 3 . uv mapping. it would be much easier that way. if you can't just send me the textures and file at cynoxrules@gmail.com i have time right now. but only for this decal.

  • @FoxtrotDelta the problem is actually making the dragon pinstripe wouldn't the uv mapping just show you how it would look on a 3d object.

  • @maybach123 lol. now i get it. why don't you use photo editing software and paste one on top of your car's livery??? just get it from google images.!

  • @FoxtrotDelta I am trying but for what ever reason it does not come out looking like the dragon and its not in a super high resolution but i am trying a few other things so hopefully one of those will work

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