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GTA V crashes when installing .oiv mod-packs

  • Hello guys, I recently started to mod some GTA V again I've put in Replacements, Add- Ons and everything worked perfectly. Then I wanted some police car pack which was coming in a .oiv data, I installed it, started the game, went into the loading screen, and after 30 sec. or something the game crashes in the loading menu and tells me: GTA V stopped working.

    I have literally no idea what to do... The same accidents happened to me before when I tried to install .oiv packs or for example Redux which also comes in a .oiv.

    I hope there's a other way to get it work again... Cause I really don't wanna get rid of my mods folder... Again... ^^'

  • I'm not exactly sure, but it could be compatibility? Some mods may say what they are and not compatible with - they may include other versions for compatibility.

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