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GTA 5 Addons pls Help

  • Hello

    As soon as I install more than 10 car addons supports the game at the load screen (GTA 5 exe no longer works) can not add endless many addons?

    sorry for my bad English
    Please answer
    Best regards

  • The original game's gameconfig only works for so many things. You need an edited gameconfig to keep using more add-ons. I'm not sure whichever is better, so maybe somebody else can chime in. I'm using this one which has been working fine for 50 or so added cars.

  • Thanks for the information, unfortunately I need a Gameconfig for 1.0.877 find but no - has anyone one? When I add the Gameconfig to the latest version of chrashed game

  • @RS4 Why don't you update to the latest version?



  • @RS4
    ... did you check the one I linked you?


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