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More organized filter options

  • Right now its annoying seeing the "Most recent post" But its not even true. It just shows the most recent post with the most recent comment. I want to see the newest mod or WIP but it just shows me a bunch of month old posts and a few actual new posts. I wish they would change that so its easier to use the forum.

  • @GTA-Motorsport Sorry but I don't understand your request at all

  • @rappo he means to have two organisation options for the forum dude
    "recently commented first" as it is now, where the post that was last commented on is at the top of the list,
    and "newest thread made first" the actual newest thread regardless of comments is shown at the top

  • @rappo Sorry if it didn't make any sense. I mean to say that it is annoying seeing a post with the most recent comment instead of the most recent post. It makes the forum hard to use when you see a month old post mixed with some new posts. I wish you could change between the most recent post and the post with the most recent comment.

  • Got it now, thanks for the clarification @AuthorSaulAlan and @GTA-Motorsport. Changes to forums functionality is a little tough for me because I'm using a public forum system here, but I'll see what I can do.

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