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TrainerV v. crashes my game!Please help me!

  • Hi all,

    I installed this trainerv v. :


    But it crashes my game!

    I installed it into the ''scripts'' folder,and I

    installed the latest ScriptHookV

    CommunityScriptHookDotNet,but it still crashes

    while loading the LSPDFR mod!

    Please help me!

    Thanks to all in advance!

    Best regards!

  • Because TrainerV is outdated and doesn't even have a download button any more since the author deems it unsalvageable.

    Try these:

  • @ikt ,thank you for replying!

    I needed that trainer for opening the always locked for me, Downtown PD's Locker Room!

    How can I open it without that trainer?

  • @player32 said in TrainerV v. crashes my game!Please help me!:

    Downtown PD's Locker Room

    There are a few mods that do this. LSPDFR should have all police station interiors unlocked already. For not-LSPD, try Open All Interiors.

  • @ikt,I've just tried Open All Interiors,and it has bugs!

    Is there an another way to open the Locker Room?

  • @player32
    Sorry, I just realized you mean Online Maps. I don't know how Menyoo and Enhanced Native Trainer handle this, but Simple Trainer has an option to enable Online maps/interiors. Try that. Menyoo and Enhanced Native Trainer should also have this option and should also be able to permanently enable it.

  • @ikt , I don't mean on Online maps!

    I mean on entering the Downtown PD's Locker Room,in order to go on duty! (the LSPDFR mod)

    My game crashes if I have the AdvancedHookV.asi, which purpose is to keep the Locker room open, so I have to look for an another solution !

    Please help me!

  • @player32
    The lspdfr forums or Discord might be a better place to ask then ;)

  • hello pls help

    I installed this package:

    (GTA 5 750 CARS NaturalVision 550 Add-on CarPack)
    For me this is installed 1.36 game version NOT STEAM !!!Non-original
    First mistake =Gta 5 has stopped operating

    Second mistake= Script hook error !

    If I play that I do not mess up this package does not exit the game after several hours

    Is there any solution for that?

    I've been testing many variations, but unsuccessful

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