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'Lore Breaking' Real Billboards?!!

  • I hate having real life mods and i've never downloaded them, but recently i've noticed that around the Eclipse Blvd. Area theres been Real billboards like Bosch, Fear The Walking Dead, and Prison Break etc, if anyone knows any mod that might have caused this please tell me, thanks


    Hard to tell if you don't list anything. :thinking:

  • We don't know what mods you use, post them here.
    Mods like Redux installs a bunch of other things, like road textures, tree textures, billboards etc. Maybe you have installed something like that.

  • These are all of my graphical mods (I might've forgot a few but theyre mainly all there)

    • L.A Roads
    • L.A Vegetation
    • VisualV
    • NaturalVision Remastered (ENB)
    • A blood Mod (Forgot the name)
    • Improved Spotlight and LED
    • Ambient FX
    • 4K Realistic Stars
    • Better Storms + Wind Effect
    • And a huge amount of Lore Friendly Car Mods lol

  • None of them replace billboards AFAIK.

  • @Penguin_09 Redux, LA billboards, Real California Architecture all install billboards.

  • Yeah that's what stumped me too, i don't download any 'L.A' related Mods yet only in that one area theirs real life billboards, weird.... I'll just put up with it for now and when the next DLC comes out i'll start a fresh modlist and see which one causes it

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