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[Information Request Helicopter]RAH66 Handling.meta

  • https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rah-66-comanche-stealth-attack-helicopter-add-on

    Nice helicopter, but when I launch, go up, and let all controls go, this helicopter starts to move forwards by his own.
    I have no clue which string I need to change to make the helicopter sit still when controls are left alone.

    Otherwise, this helicopter has a turret, it's 'controls' (WeaponHash, TurretSpeed, TurretPitch, ...) sit nicely below the Handling.meta, but the rest of the information (like Range) are not found (perhaps in the Weapon.meta?).
    Now, where other vehicles like a tank have their weapon stats below their Handling, can I make the weapon stats in the Handling.meta, and will the game use these, or use the one the game already points to?
    Where are these stats actually?
    Weapon.meta does not have a turret, apparently.

    Anyone that can help me out, please?

    Thank you.

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