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Increase In-Game Realism

  • Hello i have just switched from MVGA to Redux and i have used Redux before but its been a while but i want to know how to increase the realism with mods that work with redux (Such as Billboards, Real Logos and Stuff) i dont want any kind of rude answer please just help and dont tell me useless stuff i dont need to know


    @baneofpoo2 I edited your post to remove the profanity. You have been warned by @Biggdogg and now me. If you continue to utilize profanity you may be banned from the site and forum.

  • You can install texture mods found on the main website. Due to compatibility problems coming from Redux however, you should ask the Redux "team" for support and inform about compatible mods. No author on this website whose resources have been stolen for Redux can guarantee any compatibility.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ikt that doesn't help

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