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Custom GXT2 for Car Names - for Add-On DLC 2

  • Hi everyone!
    I already seen this topic (Custom GXT2 for Car Names - for Add-On DLC), for editing gxt2 file i use tutorial from it
    But! I have one HUGE problem with this! =(
    I've did every step of this tutorial from begining to the end (trying to make name for mini cooper roadster). But in the game it's shows me just "Mini". "GXT2 Editor" shows the same.
    Please, help me to figure out on how to solve this problem.

    This link will show my "global.oxt" file and "global.gxt2" file in OpenIV.


    In Game screenshot

  • @Deicer send me The car i will make The add-on for you with in-game name and everything if you have dials i will make that they work

  • @CSQ574 Thank you for reply and offer. This car is already have addon version with "Lang" folder.
    The reason why i am asking for help, it is because i combined many cars in one DLC and now decide to create my own "global.gxt2" file with cars names. But can't figure out how to do it correctly.

  • @Deicer That is because you wrote down Roadster in the gameName and Mini in the vehicleMakeName, whereas it should be the other way around. I'll quote my post:

    Vehicle Make Name is basically the car manufacturer of your car, and game name is the car name.

  • @AHK1221 Thank you for reply!
    Sorry for my stupidity, but! Can you please write down how it must be?


  • @Deicer

  • @AHK1221 Thank you! Will try it now

  • @AHK1221 Not working =(

  • @Deicer Look you make gamename the same as spawn Name. And Vehiclemakename you make Mini.

    Then go to hash generator write the spawnname and place the name you want After =.

    Then make the same with the word mini and now write After The = Mini.

  • @CSQ574 gameName does not to be the spawn name, it can be any name for the simple fact that its a GXT label.

  • @CSQ574 @AHK1221 ok! Step by step of what i am doing
    Lets take absolutly new car.
    I've downloaded Range Rover Vogue StarTech L405, merge it with my DLC pack that has no global.gxt2 file.

    1. I took "gameName" and "vehicleMakeName" from vehicles.meta file and generated hesh for them.
      Step 1
    2. I poot this hesh names to "global.oxt" and gave them names.
      Step 2
    3. This is how my "global.gxt2" looks like at the end.
      Step 3
    4. And as result.... this is ingame screenshot =(


  • @Deicer Hmmm, did you replace the global.oxt file in all the rpfs? (american.rpf, etc etc)?

  • @Deicer You are making the car names in global.gxt too complicated. Most people over complicate it. Its real easy you dont need to do hash codes for it. First of all the global file goes into mods\update\update.rpf\x64\patch\data\lang\american_rel.rpf\

    Now the easiest way to do this is open up global file and type in the car spawn name on the left and now on the right side you type in the name of how you want it to appear when you spawn the car.

    Heres some examples:

    AS7 = Audi AS7 ABT
    ASTON = Aston Martin
    ASV = Lamborghini SV
    69NOVA = 69' Chevy Nova

    Its that simple and no need to find or make hash codes for the cars.

  • Sorry for late response
    @AHK1221 Yes, in all rpfs

    @Willief23 I tried method that you mentioned, but still not working =(

  • @Deicer you are definitely doing something wrong. Put all the original global.gxt files back in. Now only replace the global.gxt file in the location i mentioned

    use the spawn name of the vehicle on the left side. the vehicle spawn name is the model name of the files inside the dlc.rpf/x64/vehicles.rpf section. You will see 2 yft files and a ytd file. The name that is used here for example 16charger.yft so 16charger is the vehicle spawn name.

    also under vehicles.meta of the dlc.rpf file make sure these lines below are all the same.


  • @Willief23 I've did everything as you said, but still not working. I don't know the reason why

  • @Deicer I know the reason

  • @Deicer It is because your named the dlc spanish_rel.rpf but you have to name it spanishdlc.rpf and with the other also.

  • @CSQ574 Thank you! I will try.
    @AHK1221 @Willief23
    But! Lets return to beginning
    I've started this topic in one reason. I created 2 DLC packs "Transport" & "Transport2" (only for privet use =)), there, i merged many cars that i downloaded from this site. Now, I want to create "global.gxt2" files in both of this DLC packs (like in every car that you will download as addon, there will be "global.gxt2" file. I want the same one for my DLCs). BUT! Everething that i've tried and even those methods that you all recomended me here, are not working. =( Guys! What shall i do?
    Please, advise me something that will work)))
    Look at my Step-by-step method, maybe i missed something or make misstake somewhere.

  • @Deicer Give me your content.xml and setup2.xml preferrably in a pastebin.

  • @Deicer If you can, send the addon in a pm. I'll try looking at it.

  • @AHK1221 it is almost 4gb

  • @Deicer holy shit.... the only thing i can recommend is that you try making the addon again.

  • @AHK1221 Holy shit!! no no no... I cannot bear it anymore. I am already installed them twice, from the beginning!
    Ahhh...but maybe you right, i'll give it a try

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