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Weapon magazine permanency script

  • @jedijosh920

    1.) Could you please make a mod which makes weapon mags lethal? (I mean I tried to kill peds by reloading my weapon while I was above them and the mag fell on them...more precisely said, it fell through them)
    2.) Could you create a mod which increases the time before weapon mags and shells disapepear? Coz bullet shells vanish instantly after hitting the ground and mags disappear in a few seconds. It would be fun if mags and shells stayed on the ground for longer.

  • Banned

    Your title needs some work.

  • but magazine aren't supposed to kill peds.... this is a really stupid request. now the second one might be cool though.


    @Tengerecki 2) If this was done in a script this would require memory editing (afaik), which is not something jedijosh920 does. CamxxCore or Unknown Modder may be able to help.

  • @TheLoneWolf293
    Why you call my request stupid? There are so called "fun" mods and this is meant to be a fun mod.

    OH and if you call this stupid then check this out: some sitting peds have 1 hp by default...they die instantly from a very small impact. I'll make a video and show you. Now isn't that stupid as well?

  • @Tengerecki I'm saying that I wouldn't throw a magazine at someone to kill them.

  • @TheLoneWolf293 @Tengerecki Maybe you could use the magazines to distract peds ?

  • @Yelrix Like a hitman distraction thing?

  • @TheLoneWolf293 Yeah exactly like that!

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