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[Vehicle Rims and Add-Ons]Like roof lights etc...

    1. RIMS: there are several Rim packages out there, and still, the most logical is not to be found: small/wide Rim sets. Sports cars feature often wide rims in the back, while having normal tires in front. I surely could use such a set...
      https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/offroad-b-rims-pack as example for the rear wheels wideness.

    2. RIMS (Off-road): Now, the offroad rims look too weak. Well, not the rims, but the rubber tires. The tires are far too thin for off-road use, and would damage the rims for sure. Here is an example of how I see off-road tires: http://www.ntwonline.com/Assets/ProductImages/SAMI801__lg.jpg
      A small increase in size would not be bad either (note SMALL increase, lol).

    3. RIMS (SUV): These look too small in comparison to the vehicles they belong too. a small increase in size would be great.

    4. Add-Ons Rooflights: Many a car could use rooftop headlights, like the SUV's, jeep types, trucks, or special cars such as the Brawler or the (MOD) Scarabee. Doable?

    5. Add-Ons SuperCharger/Hypercharger: Many a vehicle is left out for this option, specifically sports cars. I for one would like to see for example the Reaper or the Osiris or the Prototipo fitted with a nice charger. Nice chrome, or even colour paintable. I so can see a matte black Zentorno with a bright yellow charger...

    6. Customizable Police/Military Vehicles: I do not get why we cannot modify these. We are playing a CRIME game, and thus it would be logical to steal a cop car, and have it refitted with a ton of stuff, like racing slicks, charger, ...

    These are mere ideas, of course...

    Or, if anyone can tell me how to mod already existing stuff like wheels etc... then I can try this myself...

    Thank you.

  • I'm afraid your first point is not possible. The dimensions of a wheel in a rim package, including the width, is based on the original car's wheelsize (the COL).
    Same goes for point 3. You need to edit the vehicle for the wheel to be bigger.

  • @tk0wnz Interesting.
    This COL, where can I find it, please?

    Thank you for the reply.

    Question: the Wide B_Rim package has different sizes, which seem to work on all vehicles?
    How does this work then, as the COL seems to be ignored?

  • COL are collisions in zmodeler, you need to import the car in that application to edit them.

    to answer your question, what size are you talking about. inch size of the rim is something different then the width of a tire.

  • @tk0wnz For trucks and SUV's the diameter, and for sports cars the rear width of the tires, Sir.

  • @Sammy1970 However the case, the COL of a wheel is just a cylinder shape object, and the tire has to fit in it. It can not be bigger or wider then the cylinder shaped COL.

    In some cases car mods have shitty COL's on wheels, meaning they do not fit the original wheel size. The original car wheel is not bound by the COL dimensions,

  • Ugh.
    And shitty, we cannot have, now can we.
    Like clipping wheels, that horrifies me... :(

    Thank you for explaining, my friend.

    Much appreciated.

    BTW, I have an issue with a helicopter, when it's airborn, and I do not touch any control key, the bloody thing starts to move forwards by it's own.
    Got a clue where I can fix this, so the heli stops moving forwards by itself?

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