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[HowTo] Create a map add-on?

  • Hi guys! I have created a map mod with Map Editor, and I have converted it in .ymap format with "Map Editor to Ymap Converter". Now how I put it ingame as an add-on?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @danix93 @Dekurwinator knows how this can be done, I think.


    @Derpy-Canadian You post has been flagged for being unhelpful and being a bit rude. If you have nothing to contribute just ignore this topic.

  • @Unknown-Modder I am just trying to tell a point and try making the maps section less stupid it is full of map editor and menyoo why can't people do what lots of people did on IV and make add-on?

  • @Derpy-Canadian well you've to know that for the first years of gtaV modding, addon and ymap modification wasn't available.
    Map Editor and Menyoo have permited to do great ( and less great xd) map.
    The only thing is that its spawned by script instead of ymap and can provoke some fps lose but it's still a good and easy way to do map.
    Without these tool i would probably never have mod on gta and i'm really thankfull to guadmaz and maffins for their tool. Call these map " stupid " is not respectful.

    Also now that sollaholla did a ymap converter, you can expect more ymap map, that people will create with map editor and that will be more easy that creating it directly in ymap.

    Just need a tuto for newbie to learn how to create addon folder for ymap. If you wanna be usefull, do a tuto instead of calling these map stupid, so you will see less map editor map ....

  • @Derpy-Canadian Isn't that the whole point of this thread? I'll quote the topic:

    [HowTo] Create a map add-on?

  • @Shaezbreizh All I am saying is there are a huge bunch of crappy map editor maps and I do not want to see all of these people claim their maps are add-on's yet its still map editor plus that tool just actually makes map editor maps harder to install.

  • @Derpy-Canadian I don't understand why you don't want they port their map to ymap as addon
    I agree that there isn't only good map, but everyone is not talented or professional or creative, a lot of people using map editor or menyoo are beginner, and that a good thing that tool like that allow them to enter the modding world.
    And, however convert them to ymap make the map harder to install compare to a map editor or menyoo version, it also highly increase perfomance and possibilty.

    If you don't like concurency then idk what to say,
    but they've the right to turn their map to ymap.
    And addon is addon, by the simple fact of adding something to the game anything is addon.

    The only thing that is a problem with map section is the lake of category, not the fact that people call or don't a map " addon ".

    However, we're going a bit out of the topic subject. better to stop there.

    If really you're against map editor/menyoo map, then make tuto to learn newbie how to make custom prop or convert map cause I guess the main reason that people don't do custom prop is the lack of tuto. and the fact its harder

  • @Derpy-Canadian Add on map it's generally about conversion, and Map Editor and Menyoo about creation, there is something puristic to create a map with only GTA 5 game props, for me, it cool be fun to test an add-on map which was created entirely, but a map entirely converted from anywhere, FOR ME it's not so interesting, it's like another game in GTA 5 and i've not the same consideration for this kind work... for vehicles, modders should convert only vehicles that Rockstar isn't supposed to put in GTA 6 like new cars or jets, but it's less serious than a map from another game.

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