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What's responsible for the limit of mods?

  • Hello,

    I'd like to ask you what thing is responsible for the limit of mods? I've had installed mod packages few times in my life. Each time, after some add-ons GTA was crashing. With almost clear GTAV I was able to install around 130 add-ons. Now, with new package my game started crashing after like 30 or so. Here's the list of mods I've installed:
    alt text
    If I install 1 more add-on, my game crashes, no matter what can will it be.
    So now, can someone tell me, what's responsible for that limit? Idk, some size of dlcpack folder, lenght of dlclist, RAM memory size or what?
    I've got Lenovo Y700-15 with i5-6300HQ, 4GB GTX960M, 8GB of RAM, GTAV is stored on 1TB HDD, running on Windows 10.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks up for helping me?


  • Simple answer: Memory. Every addon needs memory and once the game can't allocate any more, it simply crashes. Consider to remove the ones you need the less.

  • Should adding 1 more 8GB of RAM fix my problem?
    I don't think I can remove any, even if I'd like to install some add-on cars on almost clear GTAV so I'd have around 130 of them, there's still like 300 more in folder on my "favourites" bar. :D

  • 8GB RAM is hardly enough for gaming these days, 16GB or more is always a good choice for modern games. I'm not sure about the add-on limit, I have 32GB it still crashes after reaching some point. Usually replacing gameconfig.xml is the fix for this issue. One thing you can do is to add all your add-on vehicles to one pack, it's easy to do once you get the hang of it. Reyser has written a tutorial about it, check it out in the tutorials section.

  • @V4D3R Actually I've replaced gameconfig. Good to know it's not about size of RAM. Thank you, I'll check that tutorial later on.

  • @Lonique Actually, I think RAM can play a role here. It would be better to increase it to 16GB or more, especially if you are playing modern games on max settings.

  • Oh, you have a laptop, idk about customizing them, or even if it's customizable at all.

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