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Problems on 5Mods with my Smartphone

  • Hallo, since a few Days i have a stupid Problem when i'm on GTA5-Mod's with my Smartphone. I'm using Firefox for Android and evry few minutes when i am on the Start Page the Browser swap to a dubiose website which ask for rights for my Smartphone and i can't go back. In this cause i only can close Firefox and restart it to get back to 5mods..
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    I hope that everybody understand my Problem because my bad english.. :)

    The Question is: Is the Bug on 5mods or is it on my Smartphone? (I have the issues only on 5mods and only with my android Phone)

    Has anybody the same Problem?

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  • This doesn't happen to me on Firefox, I usually use Chrome Beta, but I tested Firefox to make sure. 30 minutes of browsing on the main site and forums, no redirects.

  • @V4D3R Ok thats good to know, thanks! I now try a AddBlocker for FF. Maybe it will help..

  • @TheRemy Yeah, an adblocker would help.
    Also try clearing your Browser cookies, default settings and revoke all the permissions you have given to various sites.

  • Ok, since i installed the addblocker, the problems are solved. @V4D3R Looks that our first suspicion was right 😉

  • @TheRemy Glad to hear that.

  • @administrators do these ads clasify as pop-up ads? And if so, aren't pop-up adds not allowed?

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