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GTA V Mods are not downloading as .zip files. They are downloading with the internet explorer icon instead

  • The title says it all! Whenever I try and download a mod from this website, I don't see a .zip file, (with the file showing a zipper); bu instead, it is a download link with the internet explorer icon. Please someone help me! I have been trying to mod for a few months now but keep on running into this issue.
    I am running the latest version of GTA V
    I JUST downloaded ScriptHook and OpenIV (so they are the newest versions)
    And scripthookvdotnet (they should all be up to date)

    Thank you in advance!

    (BTW I am completely new to the Modding community and have no background knowledge)

  • @waldolee use google chrome or firefox browser. if it still has the internet explorer icon right click and hit rename and add .rar or .7z to the end of the filename now it should open up with winrar.

  • 0_1503435241556_land rover.PNG

    This is what it looks like when i try to download. also there is no option to rename :/

    I am using chrome


    Right-click on the file in explorer and assign WinRar/7zip/WinZip/whatever to these extensions. It's on on GTA5-Mods, but rather on your end.

  • @ikt how do i assign them to extentions? I'm sorry i'm very new to this community


    Uh, it's not GTA related but more a Windows thing.

  • @waldolee @ikt Currently having the same problem...I downloaded one and it let me open it as a zip...Any others after that is all internet explorer and I use chrome...bought a $1000 CPU and its kind of trash tbh.. pls help. Did the other guy ever resolve his problem??

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