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[VEHICLE]/[MISC] Carcols.meta add seats / free cam lock to vehicle/ped/object

  • Hi, so I've been made aware that carcols.meta can be edited to add/edit usable seats on a vehicle?

    I'm using @SkylineGTRFreak's Concorde along with @vagner-zn's Scania Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1500 coach in FiveReborn.

    What I want to achieve is edit for the coach so that also have seats up stairs and and for Concorde so that the interior is functional.

    Anyone able to show how to do that or if have the know how able to do this?

    Also, I know that there's free cam mods already, but what I am requesting here, basically like functionality in the Rockstar Editor of that free cam, attach it to something, like inside the coach upstairs, or inside the interior of Concorde.

    I could be just using Rockstar editor, but then FiveReborn doesn't support that.

    If either of these requested could be done, will be fantastic. Thanks :)

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