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Personal Pilot Mod

  • Hi everyone,

    I had an idea whilst playing GTA and I was just wondering if someone could make this mod. I'm asking this because there is no hope for me making it myself. So here it is:
    It is kind of like a story mode thing in which you have to earn enough money to buy a hangar (most people already have done), then you have to buy a private jet, either a Luxor or Luxor Deluxe or even the mod could add its own style of private jet. Then you could either get a pilot's license by going to the flight school which allows you to fly your own plane, or you could decide not to get a pilot's license and you can hire a personal pilot to fly you to different areas across the map.

    If there are any modders who are interested in making this or at least tell me why it cannot happen or whatever, let me know.

    Cool, thanks.

  • Please, place all mod requests in the correct boards.

    It's a mod idea, sure, but here on GTA5mods, whether it's an idea or a request, it don't matter what it is, it goes to Requests. (unless it's something else, you can view the full list of categories by clicking the burger next to the 5Mods logo. It's the first one.)

    Next time you create a topic make sure it fits the board you're posting it in, makes less work for the moderators and admins. They work hard as is with all the strange and offensive mods and comments people make.

    Plus it also betters your reputation, but as a human you'll have a few fuckups here and here that'll get you hit with 2 down votes but that's part of being a community. Other times people will just downvote you for the hell of it.

    Read this (https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/8/gta5-mods-com-community-guidelines) for more information.

    That post was created by our old Administrator, named Rappo, who recently retired in the past month. Our new admin is Dark0ne, from Nexus Mods.

    Hope this helped.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @krashadam Hi there,
    I apologise for the wrong positioning of the post, this is my first time on the forum and I thought this was correct.

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