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Menyoo by MAFINS not working version v0.999876778b (current)

  • Hello to those who take the time to read this thank you, I need help. I have recently installed the most recent version of menyoo and I am having several issues. I am very familiar with menyoo as I have used older versions in the past with no issues. NOW to the matter at hand.

    Upon getting in game and opening menyoo everything is normal, I press F8 and it comes up and loads up fine. But then I quickly stumbled across some serious problems.

    First problem is that none of the teleport functions work correctly and they just teleport me to invisible areas where I fall under the map.

    Second problem is that almost none of the vehicles listed within the "vehicles list" in the "menyoo stuff" folder are actually available once I open vehicle spawner. The only cars available are the cars that released with the game. None of the new cars or update cars are an option to spawn in EVEN THOUGH the vehicle list within the "menyoo stuff" folder contains them.

    Third problem is that none of the custom vehicle input models are working when I type them in it just said model not found. Which is highly unlikely since I installed the car mods via .oiv packages in OpenIV.

    Does this have something do with ScripthookV? I can't figure it out guys and I'm at a loss, please help.

    -Zumie Fiasco

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