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[SOLVED]Mission Friendly GameConfig.XML

  • I know, I asked this just before, but I can't seem to find the topic for some reason.
    My 4TB HDD just crashed, this HDD contained both the GameConfig zip as the game.
    Kind of figures, right?

    So, please, where can I find a good Mission friendly and Add-On friendly GameConfig, please?

    Thank you very much, and please accept my apologies!!!


    I'd say try out Gameconfig for 1.0.1103.2 multiple fixes more cars and peds 2.0 by @Willief23

    I still have to mess some more with some values to see what does what.
    But suspect my current bug is script-related. Haven't yet disabled all to test...

    When I start a new game and return to North Yankton to hold the gun on the bank employees they just start running back and forth instead of staying in the closet.
    Also, when aimed at my fellow robbers they start running too :P My first guess is I have ZiPPO RAiD's Friendly Fire script in place which causes this ;)

  • @ReNNie Thank you, good Sir.
    And this is Mission friendly?

  • @Sammy1970 yes its story mode mission friendly. Read through my description it will tell you how to fix your story mode mission problems if you get any. And how to fix cell phone or internet not working. It requires some value changes as most peoples gameconfig has some random values that need to be changed to their vanilla gameconfig values.
    I will give you an example i had to reinstall wins7 and gtav. Well the new gameconfig on the fresh install had some new values for storymode missions that wouldnt have allowed me to play missions if i didnt change them.

  • @Willief23 Thank you, Sir.
    Does it have the option for increased traffic/peds already premade?
    I am looking for x3 to x4 times the peds and traffic...
    Merely asking, Sir.

  • @Sammy1970 no i dont include that like F70's gameconfig. But i do tell you how to increase it under the description on my gameconfig page. Lines 583-586 in gameconfig deal with increasing peds.

  • Thank you, sir.

  • @Willief23 The problem with gameconfigs is not that only the story mode missions don't work, but side missions (Strangers and Freaks and Property Missions) as well; in addition to hangouts, for example when I try to play darts with a friend or try to play golf nothing happens. What I want to know is. Does your gameconfig solve any of those problems? If not, is there any way to solve them?

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