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Vehicle.meta change name?

  • I've installed a couple of car mods recently but started becoming annoying when the vehicle's full name didn't show up in my spawn menu's (because they were like that in the files).

    I'm not sure how to change a vehicle's display name (not spawn name) so when I see it in my menu it'll have the year, full name, etc.

    Is it located in Vehicle.meta? 'Cause all I could find were the corresponding model and handling names, not the display name?

  • There's apparently a gxt2 file, written in hex? I converted it to an oxt, added the car year in front of the original text, and as soon as I dropped it back into OpenIV it turned back into a gxt2 file (which was expected), though the spawn menu's don't show that, as well as the text on the bottom right corner when you enter the vehicle.

    Am I editing something wrong?

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