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Will ScriptHookV ever be able to reload an individual .asi rather than all?

  • SHV only includes an option to reload all scripts (Ctrl+R), but not individual ones. Why hasn't someone made an script manager that allows you to reload individual .asi in-game? Is this just not possible in the current SHV implementation?

  • @Turpentine Seriously, Script Hook V .NET (v3) and RAGE Plugin Hook can reload individual scripts with their consoles (they can also reload all scripts at once though).
    Also, ScriptHookV's features (at least API) are so simple that script modders who create script mods with this don't need to update their scripts due to updates of SHV, and Alexander Blade, the author of SHV, has added only minimal features to SHV.
    Therefore, I believe he won't add the ability to reload individual scripts or a console.

  • SHV is simply said "just" a communication channel between C++ mods and the game.


    Maybe you can request such functionality from a fork of OpenVHook.

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