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  • Skin control download zip file has no .asi folder anymore and there is no way to install what the fuck happened?!

  • @Zumie_Fiasco You sure you didn't cancel mid-download?

    I know that if this happens you don't get a lot of the data.

  • I'm positive go try it, the folder doesn't contain the asi folder it just has two folder with a bunch of random items within them.


    I'm pretty positive the description describes the situation:

    No longer supported.

    Download now contains the source files. Two years later I find out my poor excuse for a mod is still one of the top downloaded. The natives were supposed to be documented at http://www.dev-c.com/nativedb/ but it seems that work has been lost. The code's a mess, have fun.

    Also there's a Pinned Comment:

    No longer supported. It hasn't been supported since 2015.

    Source released for educational use / forking. Please use a different name for any such projects.

  • This post is deleted!

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